Plastiras lake - 9/02/2010

Plastiras lake - South


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Limni (lake) Plastira is the embellishment of the Karditsa prefecture. It is found in the Plastira Municipality and is 25km West of Karditsa prefecture in altitude 1000m. It was created by the waters of the Megdova river, tributary of Acheloos, and took its name from Nikolao Plastira, a big patriot and visionary of that period. General Nikolaos Plastiras inspired this ambitious project in 1925. Standing at the edge of the river, where lies today the sluice of Megdoba River (Tauropos), he envisioned this area as a huge artificial lake. In 1959, six years after his death, his vision of a beautiful lake came to life, providing with water the thirsty villages of Karditsa and offering electricity of some hundred million kilowatt-hours.
Limni Plastira is one of the bigger artificial lakes in Greece. It constitutes a source of life for the entire of Karditsa. By the lake is drawing all the city of Karditsa and many communities. The water of the lake is reach up on the Larisa 's fields in the summer times. The landscape is magical; the exquisite lake with the deep light blue is surrounded by high and overgrown mountains and thick woods.

The region is considered a "paradise" for the nature-worshippers and offers all the shapes of the alternative tourism like climbing, fishing, walk in the wood, swimming and chase. The unique experience will be reward each visitor, without no doubt.

Limni Plastira is 340 km far from from Athens and 230km from Thessaloniki. After the city of karditsa you will follow the signs and after 25km you will meet the first villages of the lake.


  1. Wonderful photo, great landscape!

  2. Hi Vicky - how r u???
    this is an awesome scene - lovely contrasts
    have a great day!
    Gena @ Thinking Aloud
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  3. Stunning image Vicky, I love everything about his pic.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  4. What a lovely shot, Vicky! Breathtaking! Love it so much.

    Thanks for the visit

  5. Gorgeous capture, Vicky! Really breathtaking! Your posts/photos always bring back such great memories of my time in Greece! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  6. It's beautiful, Vicky, and you've captured it beautifully too.


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