Heidelberg #5, (7 day project) - Elizabeth's Gate

The Elizabeth's Gate, erected by Friedrich in 1615 in the style of a Roman triumphal arch for his "well-beloved wife Elizabeth" formed the southern access to the Gun Park which he had changed into a pleasure garden. Tradition says the gate was built in a single night as a suprise for the Electress. The charming little gate was severely weatherwarn and was partly restored in 1949. The unique pillars are noteworthy with their leafwork and artistic flowered capitols. On either side adjoined by the southern wall of Gun Park on the west side of which stood the large aviary, also built by Friedrich.


  1. What a magnificent entrance! Your skywatch photo was also amazing ~ Maria

  2. Beautiful. I visited Heidleberg years ago, such an old and beautiful city!

    My SWF

  3. Germany is famous for their articulate architectural arches and portals. I don't think I'd been to Heidelberg. But I did remember going to Oldenberg to which sadly, I had no chance taking any photos.

    Thanks for the visit Vicky in my Quadrat in Focus.


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